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                                A builder needs to be aware of the history, moisture content, grain direction (run-out), density, stability, cut, color, grading and seasoning.



Other Available Instrument Grade Tone Woods:

Tops- Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis), Bearclaw figure Sitka Spruce, 300 year old Sitka Spruce seasoned for 30+ years!, Englemann Spruce (Picea engelmannnii), Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fur, Redwood and Curly Redwood, Koa and Honduran Mahogany.

Back and sides- Koa (Acacia koa), Maple, Bobinga, Garbon Ebony, Macassar Ebony (Diospyrus celebica), Madagascar Rosewood (Dabergia barroni), East Indian Rosewood / Palisander (Dalbergia latifolia), Cocobolo Rosewood (Dalbergia retuse), Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), Wenge (Millettia laurentii), Oregon Myrtle (Umbellularia california), Quilted Honduran Mahogany. Inquire about other wood species not listed above.

Custom necks- Curly Honduran Mahogany, Maple, Curly Maple, Spanish Cedar and Teak.

Exotic Fret boards- Prices vary depending on the market value; Ebony, Bobinga, Strip Ebony, Madagascar Rosewood, Snake wood (Piratinera guianensis), East Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo Rosewood, ask about other wood species not listed.

Binding- Same selection as above, all GKU Ukuleles are custom crafted with wood binding only, sorry on plastics binding used.

Inlay Artistry- All shell inlays are hand cut and done with solid shell, no cnc and no lazer work done on all GKU Ukuleles, sorry no abalams used.